it’s picture time!


See. Share. Save.

everything you need to know about your online gallery

Congratulations!  Your edits are completed so the last step is setting up your online gallery.  I’ve already uploaded all the pictures, and they are ready for you to view.  Follow the link in your invitation email from PASS to head straight to the gallery.  This will be the online home for your pictures for the next ten years!  You should land in the “NVP Selections” collection, and these are all of my favorite photos.  Click the menu at the top left to view the other collections.  (If you had a single session there will only be one collection!)

first things first

Ok, go ahead and have a peek in each collection. Scroll through and make sure everything looks good. If you see a picture you don't like, just copy the filename and send it to me. I'll delete it ASAP.

Explore the features

You can “Heart” your favorite photos which will bookmark them in the gallery.  All of your liked photos will also show up in your favorites collection for viewing, sharing, and downloading later.


You can download individual pictures, or choose “all pictures” which then lets you pick the collections you want to download; including your personal “favorites” collection.


You can quickly share individual pictures or your selected favorites to Facebook without ever downloading or uploading anything!  They will appear on your wall with a picture and a link to the gallery.


If you don’t want to bother with printing yourself, you can order prints through the gallery.  All prints come on professional quality paper or canvas and are fulfilled by WHCC.

download all your pictures

As soon as I have deleted any photos you don’t want in your gallery, I recommend you download all the main collections (reception/ceremony/etc), and store them somewhere safe. These will be the files you use for any external printing. Dont forget to make backups!  ***Yes, your pictures will be online for 10 years and you can access and download at any time, but in the unlikely event that something happens to the hosting company, you are responsible for keeping copies backed up.***

get the app

If you want to casually look at photos throughout your day, get the mobile app!! It will allow you to browse, favorite, share, and download individual photos. If you want to share a group of photos to facebook, you can download them individually to your phone (In a handy mobile size) and upload them directly to facebook, no waiting for your computer!    

your guests

There are two levels of access, normal and VIP.  We can set each collection to be viewed by everyone, or only the VIPs that you choose.  (Only clients get downloading privileges currently)  Visitors can sign your digital guestbook, look at collections, select their favorites, share to facebook, and even order a print right from the gallery.  If you want only your personal favorites to be viewable by normal guests, I can make a special collection just for that too!

and that's it!

After you have looked through your gallery, send me an email with a list of people you would like to receive VIP access (I’ll need a name and email address for each).  For normal guests, all you have to do is send them a link to the gallery.